February 6, 2014

Sochi 2014

I love the Olympics and while the summer games are so much fun to watch, the winter games are what steal my heart. I've always loved the snow and the sports that came along with the powder. Since #Soci2014 and #NYFW start on the same day this year, I chose my favorite Olympic outfits worn in the opening ceremonies of winter games past. What are your favorite outfits? Do you have any olympics festivities planned?

Oh and this years uniforms, in my opinion, are rad! I know there has been quite a bit of distaste surrounding them but I think that Ralph Lauren did a great job! Check out these behind the scenes photographs that were taken, showing the process it took to create the uniforms.

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  1. Off topic... BUT What do we know about Charlie White's sexual orientation? Because I am trying not to have a crush on an ice dancer, but with that smile... it is so hard. ;)