February 19, 2014


Guess what day it is? No, I am not referencing the beloved and overplayed camel ad. It's #mdfashioninsta day! Thank you to Rachel, Renee and Gina who participated this week. Everyone looks fantastic and I will be drawing inspiration in the future from every single outfit shown!

Remember, if you want to participate, use the hashtag #mdfashioninsta on Instagram or Twitter. But if you'd prefer, you can just email it to me by Tuesday. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Rachel: Instagram // Blog // Pinterest
Renee: Instagram // Blog // Pinterest
Gina: Instagram // Blog // Pinterest
Hilary: Instagram // Blog // Pinterest


  1. Thanks for the feature, love! When I get back from Arizona, we need to do another photoshoot! Especially since (drumroll) I GOT MY FIRST NIKON DSLR!!

    1. No you did not! YES! And you went Nikon?? I cannot wait for you to get back from AZ!

  2. Ah looks great!! Excited to have this fun series back :)