February 26, 2014


Hello all! It's time for yet another Fashioninsta. Thank you to these fabulous ladies for participating this week. If you'd like to participate next week, use #mdfashioninsta on the Instagram photograph you'd like included. And check out the hashtag even if you don't want to participate, there are some great outfits there.

I quickly wanted to apologize for a lack of posts and a presence here on Monochromatic Diary. Between interviewing, studying, writing a thesis portfolio and working, my life has been crazed. I do post regularly to Monochromatic Diary's Facebook and my Twitter (@hilraiser), so please follow/like if you feel inclined to do so. Thank you for bearing with me as I finally wrap up my graduate career, I truly do appreciate it.


  1. Hilary, I love the necklace in your photo!
    You have a great blog--found it through Hannah A. :)

    1. Thank you Rachel! So glad you found Monochromatic Diary, especially through Hannah A. :)